16 Women Who Embraced Their Natural Hair After Lots of Transformations

If you’ve been damaging your hair for years with chemical treatments, bleaching, or heat styling, the decision to transition to your natural hair is never easy. It’s very common to hear from people who go through this process that the greatest motivation is the enormous desire to rediscover themselves. During this phase, the hair is exposed to many disadvantages such as dryness and fragility due to the fact that the hair is not being treated as usual. For some women, this ends up being a cause of sadness since they don’t feel as pretty as before. But in reality, this transition is a moment of acceptance, courage, and freedom.

With this in mind, we gathered photos of people who managed to go through this very difficult phase. We hope these transformations inspire you so that you know that this stage is just the beginning of a long journey toward your beautiful, natural hair.

How long does it really take to get your natural curls back? In the beginning, you’ll expect the process to go by as fast as possible. However, it takes at least a few months. But don’t panic, it’s only temporary! The most important thing is to take care of your hair so that it’s finally healthy and beautiful. This challenge is worth all your effort: after the transition period, your hair will be back in top shape, shiny and strong!

Have you ever gone through the process of returning to your natural hair? Share your story with us!